The Beausejour Craft Show & Sale happens twice a year. The Spring show is the last full weekend in February, and the Christmas season show on the first full weekend in November.

REMINDER. Book early. Space is limited. We encourage craft vendors and limit the space of trade vendors Preference is given to vendors booking both show days.

Bonded security is provided after the show Friday through to Saturday morning. Product may be left on tables, but all money must be removed.

Tables are $40/day or $45/day with electricity.

To book, please contact:

Diane at 204-268-2909

The Beausejour Craft Show Committee requests that you comply with the following to avoid problems we have had in the past:

  1. The Brokenhead River Community Hall (formerly Brokered River Rec. Complex) is now a smoke-free facility.
  2. Cash Floats: Many customers buy a $2.00 item with a $20.00 bill, so you will need to bring adequate change.
  3. Space Restrictions: The space we can offer our vendors is very limited. Please be considerate of other vendors next to you and do not use displays that will encroach on their space or block their view. We also ask you to try and not have more than 2 people behind each table.
  4. Please do not dismantle your tables until closing time. If you leave early, you will not be invited back again.
  5. All sales are to be handled by the individual vendor; this includes pricing, acceptance of cheques, sales tax collection, etc. Any questions regarding sales tax should be directed to the Manitoba Department of Finance.
  6. If you find it necessary to cancel your space, kindly let us know as soon as possible. We cannot refund any table fees if you do not show up.
  7. The Brokenhead River Community Hall (formerly the Brokenhead River Rec. Complex) is NOT to be damaged in any way by screws, hooks, tape, etc. The Hall will NOT be held responsible for any damage done to a display by accident, fire, or other causes during the show. All persons are responsible for their own display.
  8. The doors will be open at 8:30 am (no earlier) for sellers to set up their displays.
  9. All tables are bare. Vendors are to supply their own coverings and extensions cords if needed.
  10. You may park your vehicle in front of the hall for unloading purposes only. Then vehicles must be moved to the back of the parking area in consideration of your customers.
  11. The back doors of the Hall ARE NOT TO BE USED for unloading purposes or as an entrance.
  12. A donation for the craft raffle would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Application and full payment must be made to confirm your space. NO post-dated cheques.
  14. Atmosphere of cooperation, friendship, and goodwill is expected with participants and public.
  15. Requests will be taken into consideration but we may not be able to accommodate you.